Locked Up

Those that run, police, and own cities do not like graffiti. To them, it scares away businesses that can bring them money. It also is a "broken window" from which other crimes stem from. Thus, cities across the country beef up repression against graffiti writers and graffiti culture, while at the same time we are bombarded with graffiti images and design that tries to sell us everything from PlayStations to shoes. Entire squads of police are assigned to track, arrest, and lock away our friends and neighbors who change the colors of surfaces. In this world where the police protect the rich and powerful, while billions are left suffering, it is no wonder that those that value life over property are hunted down like dogs. The support we give to friends, crew members, and fellow writers lets those inside know that we care and support them on the outside. And, the more support we give to those locked up inside jails, the more people will take the risks to do the things that put them there in the first place.

Hert - Free Hert.org
Ket - SupportKet.org


FREE HERT! from Facemeltr on Vimeo.